"If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst."  -Thomas Hardy

​​The Initial Appointment

The intake, or first appointment in the counseling process consists of a clinical evaluation and diagnosis, which is necessary for insurance billing purposes (counseling covered by health insurance needs to be verified as a medical necessity).  You will be asked questions about your goals for counseling, as well as the nature of any symptoms of mental illness you may be experiencing. Symptoms may include changes in thinking, mood, behavior, diet, sleeping, or feelings of sadness, anger, or grief.  

It is normal to have strong feelings about beginning this process.  Trust is the foundation for any relationship and is a required first step in speaking with a counselor. Furthermore, transparency and collaboration are critical elements in a clinical relationship.  As part of the initial appointment you will be informed of your diagnosis, cost of services, recommended length and frequency of treatment.

Confidentiality regarding topics discussed in counseling is guaranteed with a few exceptions.  As mandated reporters, counselors are required to inform the necessary parties if a client reports that they are a direct threat to their own or someone else's safety, or if they know of someone else who is planning to hurt themselves or someone else.  The priority is keeping our clients and community safe in pursuit of wellness.  Questions regarding informed consent will be addressed in the initial session.